Welcome to Pyramid Composite Design

I specialise in the following design, consultancy and rapid prototyping work:
  1. Writing research bids and documents.
  2. Brainstorming new ideas and creative innovation.
  3. Small scale prototyping with both composites materials and 3D printing.
  4. Laboratory work at partner company sites. 


I have designed, help brainstorm, and been part of the writing team for numerous research bids for a wide range of funding sources, including EU Framework 7, ERDF, DTI and EPSRC. 

Design programs include: Cubify Design, Cubify Invent, Qcad and CAMBAM for CNC machine paths.
I use a Cubex 3D printer, single extrusion head version. This has a relatively large build area of approximately 250 x 250 x 240mm. The printer has been modified to incorporate a heated build bed for improved part quality. As well as the usual ABS and PLA build materials, I can also produce parts with a new short carbon fibre filled PLA, which offers superior strength, stiffness and dimensional stability to all other options.

For rapid prototyping I use a press with a temperature capability of >450C and bed of 300mm x 300mm. I also have a CNC with bed of 270mm x 270mm x 50mm available; the CNC can machine all types of composite materials, including carbon / PEEK, using a polycrystalline diamond cutting tool.